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Azeem Tariq

Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellow


My research covers the area of soil/plant nutrient cycling, atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and agronomic management. I studied the effect of land use transformation on soil properties, soil chemical processes, atmospheric emissions, and water quality. Methodologically, my research addresses qualitative and quantitative data analysis and interdisciplinary approaches.

Currently, I am working at SES in Wagner-Riddle lab on an EU project (AgPro4CSA) in collaboration with University of Copenhagen Denmark. The overall objective of my research is to find mitigation solutions for agricultural practice through a deep understanding of mechanisms involved in GHG production and emission from agricultural soils.

I am using multiple technologies for my research e.g., automatic chambers equipped with TDLAS-TE (tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy) analyzer, LICOR, and PICARRO, nitrification inhibitors, Planar Optods systems, biogeochemical models (DNDC, Daisy).

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